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I’m not God’s gift to motorcycling, just a regular person who started motorcycling in their mid-40s (call it a mid-life crisis). I went through all the UK training for motorcyclists (CBT, commuted for a year on a 125cc bike with L-plates, then DAS course, MOD1 and MOD2).

Since obtaining my full motorcycle license, I took further training with the IAM, through BikeSafe and other miscellaneous courses, to improve my skill and make me a better, safer rider.

I recently changed motorcycles from my first bike (a Kawasaki Ninja 650 nicknamed “Veronica”) to a 2018 Kawasaki Z1000SX (a.k.a. a Ninja 1000) nicknamed “Frankie”.

Goobye Veronica, hello Frankie!

I enjoy filming my rides and producing videos on advanced road riding, bike reviews and other related themes. I don’t like appearing on the videos or the sound of my own voice, so mostly you’ll see the views, and hear the engine sounds.

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I hope you enjoy the site!

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