Recording Equipment

What equipment I use to record video and audio on my rides.

I use a Drift Ghost X attached to the side of my helmet to record my rides.

Drift Ghost X attached to helmet

This is now attached using a USB to microphone converter, to a Drift microphone located inside my helmet.

The standard microphone on the Ghost suffers from terrible wind noise, being outside. With the microphone inside the helmet, I get much better engine noise sound quality, and it also enables me to record video logs (or “motovlogs”).

Here is a video using the microphone inside the helmet set-up:

Video log using microphone inside helmet

And here is one with the external microphone. Notice how noisy it is especially when I turn my head for shoulder checks.

IAM test – lots of wind noise

If I’m going out in the rain, I may disconnect the microphone adapter and place the camera inside a waterproof housing, as I’ve had the camera crash before when caught in a downpour. It was OK after drying off.

If I’m not planning to speak on camera for a video log, or if the camera is in the waterproof housing, I sometimes also use an external Zoom H1n recorder to record the engine sounds, which I then overlay when editing the video.

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