Welcome to my new website. I’m NooBiker, just a regular person who is relatively new to motorcycles. I love riding my bike, and recording video while I do it. This is just one of my passions, which I hope to share with you through this website and my other social media locations.

Most of the content I’ve produced so far has been videos on YouTube. I’d encourage you to visit and subscribe to my channel.

Now I’m planning to add more written content in the form of blogs, quizzes, reviews etc. So I’ve started this website to host this additional content. Let’s see where this goes!

I’ve also added social media presence in other platforms. The links are below.

It would be awesome if you could visit these links and connect. I look forward to getting your comments and feedback on my posts and videos.

Thanks for checking this out, and I hope you stay in touch! #RideSafe


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